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Lost in the Stacks: Dark Secrets Revealed in a Powerful Memoir of Redemption & Forgiveness

Readers of The Glass Castle and Educated will find much to like in this emotionally-charged memoir. 

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Keep Adventuring: What To Read After State of Wonder

Discover books & DVDs about the wonders of the Amazon, Brazil & the power of a journey into the unknown.

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Add new tunes to your summer soundtrack with these recommended albums.

closeup of a gay pride flag and a transgender pride flag

What YA’ Reading: Discover Pride Reads Full of Heart, Magic and Meaning

Angie’s assembled some of her favorite YA fiction that delivers great stories, powerful writing & diverse perspectives.

The Bookmark Podcast: Add Fabulous Audiobooks to Your To Be Read List

Librarian Rachael Schmidtlein recommends audiobooks she loves.

Intro to Dungeons and Dragons

Build worlds, tell stories and be a part of geek culture stretching back decades!