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Explore blurred music genres

Check out these genre-fusing albums from artists who blend soul, rap, punk, jazz and more in distinctive, postmodern ways.

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The Bookmark Podcast

The Bookmark S4E26: Books we loved that others hated

We discuss our book star-rating methods & try to guess titles based on starred reviews.

girl in pink sweater sings happy smiling

Great Read Alouds: Picture books you can sing

One of the best ways to get your child ready to read is to sing with them.

3d render 35mm film strip Gradient Background (Depth of field)

The Reel World: It’s basketball, baby!

Nessa recommends amazing true-stories of basketball players’ impact on their towns, the sport & society.

Abandoned Topeka with Emily Cowan

Author Emily Cowan conducted a large amount of research to discover & document Topeka’s hidden stories.

The Bookmark Podcast

The Bookmark S4E25: Warrior Women

In honor of Women’s History Month, Miranda and special guest, Michelle Morris, discuss warrior women.