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Book Fix: Uncovering adventures

Your vacation may be over, but adventures are possible anytime. We’ve pulled together book recommendations to keep your reading on the move.

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Quirky social commentary

Checkout new reads ranging from funny and quirky to more serious social commentary. These novels may make you look at others a little differently.

Anne of Green Gables – Which Anne is your favorite?

I’m a big ‘ole fan of Anne Shirley and I’m discussing the recent and not-so-recent movie adaptions. Which Anne is your favorite?

Faith meets fiction

Check out the variety in inspirational fiction. There is a lot of historical fiction and romance, but there are also thrillers, contemporary fiction, and even some fantasy and science fiction.

HUSH Podcast #108 – A Book by a Kansas Author

Miranda Ericsson, devotee of local and regional literature, shares her recommendations for the “A Book by a Kansas Author” square in Reading Bingo.

You don’t have to say you love me

Meet Eli, a young boy with a rare genetic condition who really, really wants to be your friend (and give you a hug).