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What I Read: Episode #135 Amelia Peabody with guest Zan Popp

HUSH Podcast #135 — What I Read: Amelia Peabody Mysteries

Listen in as Zan shares recommendations for historical and historical mystery series.

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Mingle at Pitch Parties for Writers

Find out about a new way to help writers get published.

Shoeless Joe Resources

Here are some discussion resources for Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella that will help get the conversation going. Shoeless Joe Resources Discussion Questions Further Reading Fun Stuff About the Author W. P. “Bill” Kinsella was a legendary fiction writer, best known for his award-winning novel Shoeless Joe, which took on a new life as the movie […]

What YA’ Reading: Retellings

Check out a few retellings of classic stories featuring modern, diverse teens with contemporary issues.

Can we talk about Dax Shepard?

Check out reviews of some of Dax’s flicks and his current podcast.

Explore Curious New Tales

Check out these recommended February new releases and lose yourself in the unexpected.