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5 Fun Things 5 Fun Things

5 Fun Things to Find

Glass Blown Planets


Glass Blown Planets

Doug Sheafor created the glass blown solar system in the science section north of the dinosaur. The space was designed to help spark children’s interest in science. It took Sheafor and his crew, which included his son and daughter, about three months to complete the project.




dino text

Kids’ eyes light up with surprise when they cruise through the kids nonfiction area and find Tyrannosaurus Rex legs standing in the stacks. 


School Bus

Cool Bus

sb text

Visit the school bus and take home books you'll want to read over and over again. 




computer text

Kids can hang out with their friends, play games or work on homework using the more than 25 computers dedicated to the young and young at heart. 


Lighthouse Reading Nook


Awesome stuff to do in the Kids Library

Kids and their parents love sitting on the bench by the lighthouse. It's a great place to take in the sights of the family zone; a fun area for kids to play, see fish in the aquarium, and play with toys and their friends. 


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