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Book Group in a Bag

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Book Group in a BagOur library loves book groups! We started our Book Group in a Bag service with the goal of making it easy for book groups to have everything they need for a successful meeting.

With Book Group in a Bag, you'll receive:

  • 10 copies of one title with a sign out sheet for distribution
  • Discussion resources such as questions and helpful background information
  • Tips for a book group leaders and discussion facilitators

Bags are reserved via an online reservation system. Click the button below to browse our titles and make a reservation. Here are printable instructions if you need some help.

Browse Titles & Reserve a Bag
Pick up reserved Book Group in a Bag kits in the Holds Pickup Room and return them to the customer service desk. For more information, please email


Book Group in a Bag Details

  • Please see the printable instructions for complete instructions and details on how to do additional tasks, including:
  • Reservations are for 6 weeks and can be made up to a year in advance.
  • You will receive a reminder email or phone call when your bag is ready for pick up.
  • Pick up your bag in the Holds Pick-up Room at the library. Ask any library staff person if you need help finding your bag.
  • Return the bag to the Customer Service desk at the library.
  • You can have someone else from your group or family pick up the bag for you. This information must be added in the Notes section of your reservation form, or contact us as and we will add that information to your reservation.
  • You can also ask us to pull large print or audiobook copies of the book to include with your bag (If these are available in our collection at the time that we prepare your bag for pick up). Please add this request to the notes field of your reservation form.  We will do our best to include them.
  • Search by date or by title. Search by date if you want to get a list of bags available for pick up during a certain month or day. Search by title if you know what bag you want and want to see when you can get it.
    • View your current reservations
    • Cancel an active reservation
    • View your past reservations

Printable lists of Book Group in a Bag titles

Need an extra copy of the book sign-out sheet for your group?

Book-Sign-Out Sheet

Need some help picking out a title, or with your group’s next discussion? Just let us know – We love to hear from our book groups!

Please send your comments, questions and ideas for improving this service to


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