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Bring Your Writing to Life with Strong Images of Your Story’s World

Experiment with the process of working backward using an image to guide your words.

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chopping vegetables

How to Make Delicious & Super Easy Veggie Pizza

Select your favorite veggies & make this pizza as an appetizer or a meal.

Teen Art Club: Create Fun & Funky Cards for Your Friends

Make super simple Scrabble cards to brighten someone’s day!

Abstract circle acrylic and watercolor painted background.

Teen Art Club: Free Your Mind When You Create Abstract Art

Follow steps to make Kandinsky inspired art & find resources for your own creations.

Anyone Can Cook: How to Make Scrumptious Hummus

Relish this homemade snack! You’ll save money & it tastes better than pre-made.

Confident female high school student wearing oversized denim jacket and white t-shirt, standing against blue background. Portrait of power girl.

What YA’ Reading: Invigorating & Fascinating Novels About Strong Women

Find amazing books about fictional young women who inspire us while they discover their strengths.

teen art club

Learn How to Draw Amazing Optical Illusions

Make art that fools our eyes into seeing something that isn’t there. It’s deceptively simple!

Inspect Strategies to Use Music to Support Your Writing

Consider adding soundtracks to your stories.

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