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Hispanic teen gril happily reading

What YA’ Reading: Hispanic Heritage Month

Rachael recommends recent YA books with Hispanic main characters written by Hispanic authors.

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surprised teen girl

What YA’ Reading: Favorite fauxmance books

Check out romance reads full of awkward, hilarious and heartwarming fake dating.

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Teen writers: Think about who or what inspires you

Continue the theme of writing journal entries to focus on your inspirations.

A magical door in the forest with bright glowing lights.

What YA’ Reading: Fabulous fantasy worlds with kings & kingdoms

Abigail recommends fantasy novels full of action, deceit and mystery.

Keeping a journal improves your writing

Learn how keeping a journal for yourself can be a helpful tool in your writing. Take some time to write today!

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Explore New Environments with Your Characters to Add Atmosphere & Detail

Give yourself and your readers a chance to visit new cities, states, countries or planets.

closeup of a gay pride flag and a transgender pride flag

What YA’ Reading: Discover Pride Reads Full of Heart, Magic and Meaning

Angie’s assembled some of her favorite YA fiction that delivers great stories, powerful writing & diverse perspectives.

Changing One Thing Can Inspire Major Consequences in Your Story

Explore the butterfly effect and how it can impact your fictional characters and world.

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