What YA’ Reading: Sea Reads

Dive into some excellent reads about fictional life on or in the ocean.

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teen girl looking confused

What YA’ Reading: What Happened?

Jump into a good book that will make you wonder “What happened?”

What YA’ Reading: Teens In Space

Dive into the worlds of space odysseys and dystopia in these YA favorites.

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What YA’ Reading: Rags and Riches

Check out these titles that highlight the challenges between those with wealth and those without.

HUSH Podcast #138 — What I Read: Tween Reads

Listen in as Ginger recommends middle-grades books enjoyable for readers of all ages.

teen girl in 17th century costume with sword

What YA’ Reading: Historical Fiction

Check out a few titles that balance the positive nature of the young adult genre with the reality and trials of history.