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Deciding on college or career

Find tips & resources to help you decide the work path that’s right for you right now.

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What YA’ Reading: Completed Series

Abigail highlights excellent complete Young Adult fantasy fiction series you can read straight through.

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What YA’ Reading: Summer picks

Angie & Ginger recommend recent YA page-turners to add to your to be read list.

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What YA’ Reading: Something monstrous

Angie recommends reads that explore what events could make someone into a monster?

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What YA’ Reading: Murder mysteries

Rachael recommends reads that mix murder mystery, mild grit and sometimes a little fantasy.

Book With Magic Glows In The Darkness

What YA’ Reading: Inspired by myths & folktales

Abigail recommends fantasy fiction inspired by tales from around the world.

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What YA’ Reading: New year, new series

Angie recommends new book series where you will fall in love with new characters and new worlds.

Young diverse couple give fist bump, agree to bring plan to life, smile broadly, have mixed race relationships, have good friendly partners, isolated over purple wall. I agree with you concept

New teen happenings in the Edge

Find out what interesting & entertaining teen events are at the library 3-5pm Mon – Thu.

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