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What YA’ Reading: Epic fantasy

Epic fantasy includes amazing worlds, incredible characters and a plot that will keep you reading late into the night.

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What YA’ Reading: Lamar Giles thrillers

Angie highlights her favorite YA thrillers by Lamar Giles and recommends you meet him at the library Nov 2.

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What YA’ Reading: Spooky season

Angie recommends some of her favorite recent horror reads including one by our author from last year’s teen author visit!

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What YA’ Reading: Stunning standalone novels

Standalone novels are amazing when you don’t want to commit to reading a full series. Abgail shares her favorites.

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What YA’ Reading: Barbie vibes

Rachael recommends books that evoke the essence of a modern Barbie girl.

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New hours for The Edge teen room

Teens, hang out with friends, play video & board games, create, or bring in your device & enjoy high-speed internet.

What YA’ Reading: Juneteenth

Angie recommends books that highlight past and present forms of inequality, and the ways freedom is still strived for.

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What YA’ Reading: Betrayal

Check out these great books with betrayal at the heart of the story.

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