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Who Will Your Characters Become?

Let’s talk about ways changes can influence our characters’ personalities throughout your writing.

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card making supplies

Teen Art Club: Homemade Cards

Watch while we make an easy homemade card with recycled items.

Anyone Can Cook - Guacamole

Anyone Can Cook Guacamole

Learn to make delicious and simple homemade guacamole.

What Happens Next?

Explore how foreshadowing and suspense can keep readers glued to the page.

Black Out Poetry

Teen Art Club: Blackout Poetry

Explore the art of creating poetry by repurposing already printed text.

What Are Your Characters Fighting For?

Think about ways to write about conflict to make your characters and story stronger.

Teen Art Club: Photo Collages

Get artsy crafty with photos of your favorite memories!

What YA’ Reading: African Fantasy

Check out these astonishing young adult fantasy reads featuring African influences.

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