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Navigating the New Website

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websiteThe new website can be broken up into 7 sections to help you find what you want.

Starting in Section 1 you have navigation in drop down menus that can help you get to some of the more important features in the website.

Use the big search box in Section 2 to search the catalog or the library website. Use the radial button to choose the site to search.

Section 3 is the featured section where certain services, events, and other important things we want you to know about may show up.

Section 4 shows our most recent articles written by staff. Find articles on a wide range of topics with book lists to help you learn more. 

Section 5 lists our upcoming events and programs. 

Section 6 is an area with specialized pages that are important areas of the website we want to feature. Kids library, local history, genealogy, business & career, readers and more.

Down at the bottom of the page is Section 7. Contact information and links to our social sites can be found here.


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