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secret February 22, 2024 · Abigail Siemers What YA' Reading: Secrets Check out some of Abigail's favorite YA books of secrets! reading together February 21, 2024 · Sherry Hess Great Read Alouds: Artsy picture books Picture book illustrations enhance the text of the book, which helps a child better understand the meaning of the words. Explore Sherry's picks with art that is engaging, captivating and truly brings joy. cassette tapes February 20, 2024 · Stephen Ferrell The conscious grooves of Native Tongues hip-hop artists Discover three of the 1980s hip-hop groups sometimes referred to as “socially conscious,” “Afrocentric” or even “progressive rap” who formed the Native Tongues collective. the Bookmark Pink February 19, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E22: Raiding returned books cart We've raided the recently returned book carts to bring you books for your To Be Read list! crochet hats February 16, 2024 · Lissa Staley Artsy Crafty Library: Crochet as meditation Crocheting is a versatile activity that can be easily incorporated into other tasks or routines. film February 14, 2024 · Julie Nelson The Reel World: Stranger Than Fiction These riveting documentaries will prove once again that bizarre and unusual events aren't just for fiction. serious conversation February 14, 2024 · Lissa Staley Accessing mental health support Mental health affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. More than 1 in 5 U.S. adults live with a mental illness. Our Stories February 13, 2024 · Brittany Keegan Art exhibits Our Stories & Sorting Out Race The Alice C. Sabatini Gallery is hosting two exhibits that use art and history to explore the effects of racial divisions in the United States. The Bookmark - Yellow February 12, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E21: Once Upon a Time Romance We're doing the Once Upon a Time thing again, but focusing on Romances! margic book February 8, 2024 · Emily Bays Kid Tested, Librarian Approved: A foot in each world Have a new adventure in a fantasy land and then come back safe and sound to the world we love. cooking February 7, 2024 · Sherry Hess Top tips for cooking with kids Your kitchen is an ideal place for fun and delicious learning and creativity. American Girls February 7, 2024 · Julie Nelson Lost in the Stacks: American Girls Julie recommends a harrowing story of trauma, survival and the bonds of sisterhood. Fiction 5 February 6, 2024 · Julie Nelson Fiction Five: Fun new romance Discover the top five new contemporary romance books with robust characters and lots of humor. the Bookmark Purple February 5, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E20: Once Upon a Time We're going back to visit a favorite TV show for book ideas! quesitons February 2, 2024 · Ginger Park January library trivia winners graduation cap on money February 2, 2024 · Angie Reed Financial literacy for teens Find resources to help teens learn about managing money and planning for the future. Lara Avery January 30, 2024 · Miranda Ericsson Featured Author: Lara Avery Author Lara Avery wrote the Year of Second Chances. Learn about her work and check out her suggestions for books on grief, friendship and valuing yourself. the Bookmark Pink January 29, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5 E19: 2024 Reading challenges Check out our suggested yearlong reading challenges and tons of book suggestions to fit those prompts! emojis January 25, 2024 · Angie Reed What 'YA Reading: New year, new me Find excellent new young adult books where protagonists go through some changes that may or may not turn out to be for the best. diverse hands heart January 23, 2024 · Miranda Ericsson Celebrate Black History Month We shine a spotlight on experiences & accomplishments of Black Americans with memorable events & powerful reads. The Bookmark Green January 22, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5 E18: Hot reads for cold weather Our hosts discuss hot books coming out soon that we're excited for as well as newish books that are a little (or a lot!) steamy. True Crime January 22, 2024 · Hayley Swisher Local History: Last illegal public hanging in Topeka (Part 1) An 1889 late night attack in Topeka at 3rd & Fillmore started the events that led to an illegal public hanging. online newspaper search January 22, 2024 · James Mosher Finding local & family history in Newspaper Index Learn a little history about the Topeka and Shawnee County newspaper index and how to use it to find your family history. laughing boy January 18, 2024 · Debbie Updegraff Great Read Alouds: Can't sit still Kids are curious, active creatures. Getting them to sit and listen to a book can be tough. If you find yourself in this situation, try reading an interactive book.
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