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the Bookmark Pink May 28, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E33: Bookish Balderdash part 2 Listen to the season finale Autumn and Chris are are joined by Debbie Stanton and Julie Nelson for a game of book first lines. kids running outside May 23, 2024 · Sherry Hess 12 fun & easy ideas to get kids active Active kids are healthier kids. Find ideas to make physical activity fun and a regular part of life. While you wait May 21, 2024 · Ginger Park While you wait for Funny Story Check out entertaining rom-coms with fake dating or opposites attract while you wait for Emily Henry's latest book Funny Story. multicolored sequins May 20, 2024 · Laura Anderson Art Reproductions: Sequins, sequins everywhere The Bookmark Green May 20, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E32: Bookish Balderdash part 1 Listen is as we try to guess the first line of books none of us has read. surprised teen May 16, 2024 · Andrew Ross What YA' Reading: Stranger Tides Check out young adult reads with scary, fantastic or ominous island settings. colorful CD May 15, 2024 · Allie Lockwood Discover variety and joy in chamber music Explore unique classical music that ranges from calming to energetic and cinematic to intimate. The floor is lava May 14, 2024 · Brittany Keegan The Floor is Lava: Art Exhibit for Children Take on the role of a volcanologist to discover clues, navigate lava flows and explore the library’s very own volcano. wet felted scarf May 14, 2024 · Alex Henault Artsy Crafty Library: Learning to felt Dive into creating fabric with wet felting. movie covers May 13, 2024 · Julie Nelson The Reel World: Age is just a number Watch these uplifting documentaries about aging with attitude. the bookmark blue May 13, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E31: Summer reading radar Find hot new summer reads! Autumn & Chris preview books coming out this summer. boy with glasses reading May 9, 2024 · Arion Beals Kid Tested, Librarian Recommened: Uncover Mysteries Check out amazing mysteries from the Kids Library. Can you solve the mystery before the detectives reveal the truth? historical photo Black children in school May 9, 2024 · Zan Popp In Pursuit of Freedom and Equality View In Pursuit of Freedom and Equality: Kansas and the African American Public-School Experience 1855-1955 through May 31. lost in the stacks header with book cover May 7, 2024 · Julie Nelson Lost in the Stacks: Royal Audience If there’s something strange in Anglo-American relations, who you gonna call? The Queen! book covers May 7, 2024 · Ginger Park Fiction Five: New novels featuring librarians You’ll want to check out these new novels featuring some of our favorite characters – librarians! the bookmark fitted May 6, 2024 · Elizabeth Tschetter The Bookmark S5E30: It might be good Chris and Autumn browse books they are pretty sure will be good. foodie finds header May 1, 2024 · Adrianne Evans Favorite cookbooks bring joy Adrianne shares some of her favorite classic cookbooks including a few that were locally published. happy girl with cherry tomatoes on her eyes April 30, 2024 · Sherry Hess Introduce your child to the wonder of gardening Gardening provides young children and the whole family a hands-on experience to learn and explore. old cemetery April 26, 2024 · Jennifer Masters Discovering a missing part of my history Discover how one library staffers curiosity was sparked in the library's Baker Genealogy Center and how you can also use these free resources. woman wearing shades of pink April 26, 2024 · Cadie Maas Artsy Crafty Library: Color Theory Explore how colors interact with each other and how those colors make us feel. Then use these ideas in your artsy crafty projects. cartoon animals with books April 18, 2024 · Debbie Reiff Great Read Alouds: Earth-friendly picture books Explore beautiful picture books that introduce Earth and all its wonders, planting seeds of appreciation for our planet. thinking April 18, 2024 · Katie Simmons What YA' Reading: Poetry & novels in verse April is poetry month, which is a great time to look at some books that use poetry to pull at our heart strings, make us think and give us a beat to keep reading. black & white photo of elaboarate mansion April 18, 2024 · Katie Keckeisen Anatomy of a Folly: The history of Topeka's peculiar mansion An eccentric millionaire. The birth of a religious movement. A speakeasy. A mysterious fire. All this can be found in the history of one of Topeka's most awe-inspiring houses. magical garden April 11, 2024 · Rachael Schmidtlein Kid Tested, Librarian Recommended: Magical Gardens Check out fantastic books that focus on kids in the garden.
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