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Computer Classes



Computer Classes

Computer & Gadget Help appointments! We can answer questions about library ebooks, digital resources, Windows 10, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, your tablet, smartphone or Cutting the Cable Cord.

Schedule a 30 minute virtual appointment at the link below or call (785) 580-4400.


Technology classes below

Check out the links below to find information, tools, in-person classes, online classes and printable handouts to help you with basic computer skills, library digital resources and technology training at all levels.


Technology Classes at your pace

Beginning Classes

Beginning Computer Navigation
Learn to hold and move the mouse with comfort and ease. Learn about check-boxes, scroll bars and more. 

Windows 10 for Beginners
Learn about Windows 10 features such as tiles, charms bar, and accessories. 

Internet Introduction
Learn basic internet functions and visit a variety of sites for information and entertainment. 

Google It
Google does more than find webpages. Search for information, images, videos, maps, and learn about Google apps and software. 

Email for Beginners
Learn to login to an account and to open, delete, reply to, forward and forward email messages.

Beyond the Basics

Take the following classes when you feel ready for more challenging projects. These are presented at a faster pace than beginning classes.

Google Docs
Get started with Google Docs. We will learn how to access Google Docs, use basic editing features and save to Google Drive. 

Introduction to Mac
Take a tour of the desktop and dock. Learn about standard apps, how to browse files with Finder and use menus. Macs are not provided for this overview class. Attendees are welcome to bring their own Macs to work along with the instructor.  

Word I: Introduction to Word Processing & Word II: Intermediate Word Processing
Get started with the basics of Microsoft Word. Learn to use fonts, language tools and some basic editing techniques. Edit text, form a header and footer, create a Word table to organize information and insert clipart, photos or WordArt into your document. 

Word: Mail Merge & Mailing Labels
Create mailing labels, envelopes, personalized letters, and directories by combining a Word form and a data table created in Word or Excel. 

Excel: Introduction to Spreadsheets
Learn about cells, columns, rows, AutoSum, simple formulas, number formats, and page setup features.

Excel: Lists
Familiarity with basic Excel is required for this class. Learn to create field names, sort lists, and link worksheets. Find out how to create lists that can be used in our Word: Mail Merge and Mailing Labels class.

Create a dynamic presentation from start to finish. Learn to insert slides, add text, graphics, transitions and animations.

Facebook for Beginners
Sign up for a Facebook account and learn the basics of this popular social networking site. Be sure to bring your email address and email password. If you already have an account, please bring your Facebook password.

  • Handouts: Facebook
  • Check out Learning Facebook and advertising on Facebook  Online Class with your library card free at LinkedIn Learning

Pinterest for Beginners
Come learn about Pinterest, a simple, online way to organize images, projects, ideas and favorites. Open an account, create boards and begin pinning! Learn to install the “Pin It” button and how to find pins in particular categories or follow other pinners. Be sure to bring your Pinterest password if you have an account or bring your email address and email password if you don’t.

Ebooks for Your Kindle or Android Tablet
Bring your Kindle or Android tablet and your library card. Learn to download free library ebooks to your device. Come prepared to to share your favorite tablet features with the group.

iPad Workshop
Bring your iPad and your library card and learn to download free library ebooks. Staff and participants share their favorite apps or iPad features with each other.

Cutting the Cable Cord

Learn about some of the alternatives to traditional cable or satellite TV, and the benefits and drawbacks of streaming TV and HDTV antennas.

Clases de Computación

Comenzando a Navegar en su Computadora
Aprenda la forma correcta de sostener y mover el raton. Aprende Sobre casillas de verificacion, botones de radio y barras de desplazamiento. Si no puede hacer una de estas sesiones. Vaya a una sesion de Ayuda de Computadoras y Gadgets para comenzar.

Introduccion a la Internet–Esperalo Proximamente en este Verano!
Conozca las funciones básicas de la Internet, hoy usaremos nuestro navegador de Internet Google Chrome en clase. No se olvide de visitar los diferentes navegadores que también puede usar como, Windows 10, Microsoft Edge u Mozilla Firefox como navegador en su PC.

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