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Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces

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The library has 7 meeting rooms and 3 unique event spaces that can accommodate your next meeting. Our spaces are conveniently located, there's always ample parking and delicious catered food is available from the Millennium Café. We are your meeting destination in Topeka.

Other Meeting Facilities in Topeka


Meeting Rooms


Claire’s Courtyard Amphitheater & Patio

This combo space has a fixed style which accommodates 191 in the amphitheater and standing room for 100 on the patio.



Claire's Sunroom

This room has a fixed style and accommodates 32 around 4 low top round tables and 4 high top round tables.


room with circle of chairs

James C. Marvin Auditorium

A multi-purpose room with available portable stage, audiovisual projection and viewing equipment, podium, lectern and sound system. The auditorium can be subdivided into three separate rooms. The full auditorium accommodates up to 400 people. 

menninger boardroom

Menninger Room

This room has a fixed style and accommodates 18 around the boardroom table. 



Hughes Boardroom

Langston Hughes Room

This room has a fixed style and accommodates 14 around the boardroom table. 



Perkins Boardroom

Lucille S. Perkins Room

This room has a fixed style and accommodates 14 around the boardroom table. 



Anton Boardroom

Maxine Jeanes Anton Room 

This room has a fixed style and accommodates 18 around the boardroom table. 

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Additional Information

Safety Considerations

A number of safety issues connected with holding events at the library are listed below.

Exit Doors
Egress routes may not be obstructed in any way and exit signs must remain clearly visible. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Room Capacity
The maximum capacity set by law is posted in each meeting room. Exceeding the maximum capacity of a room is prohibited by law.

Candles, Smoke and Open Flames
Candles, incense or any other smoke or flame producing device are not permitted in the library. Such devices could easily set off the fire alarm system which would cause the evacuation of the building and summon the fire department.

Decorations used at events cannot obscure exit signs or doors. Nothing may be taped or affixed to any part of the room. Glitter and confetti is strictly prohibited.

Electrical Cords
Use of extension cords can be problematic and must be approved by the events coordinator prior to their use. All extension cords and cords on any equipment must be taped down by library staff.

Moving Equipment and Furniture
If equipment or furniture needs to be moved, use the phone in the meeting room to call for assistance. Should any equipment or furniture be moved, the group will be held financially responsible for any damage caused.

Alcoholic Beverages

It is the policy of the Library Board of Trustees that alcoholic beverage may not be served in the library during public hours of operation. Alcoholic beverages are restricted to white wine, beer and champagne and may only be served at events scheduled for Saturdays after 6 pm or after the library closes to the public. Any exceptions must be approved, in advance, by the executive director or his/her designee.

At events held after library hours, alcoholic beverages may not be served if there are minors present. This clause may not, however, pertain to any group that includes minors as part of the scheduled entertainment. The Library Board of Trustees or its designee must approve this waiver in advance of the event.

An organization requesting to serve alcohol as a part of an after-hours event is required to secure a temporary permit or license, and submit it to the event coordinator 2 weeks in advance of the event. Any required permits, special insurance or licenses will be the responsibility of the organization hosting the event. The Millennium Café management can provide servers if needed.

Event Insurance

Groups or organizations requesting the use of alcohol must procure and have in force a comprehensive general liability insurance policy to submit to the library 2 weeks in advance of the event. The limit for bodily injury and property damage shall not be less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. A certificate of insurance naming the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library and Board of Trustees as additional insured must be submitted to the event coordinator 2 weeks in advance of the event. Alcohol must be contained within the building, and within the area where the event is taking place. An advance fee will be charged for any special setup required for serving alcohol.

Large events such as civic or conference receptions may also require event insurance. A determination will be made before confirmation is approved.


Ample parking is available during regular library hours. Approximately 300 parking spaces are available for after-hour events. Numerous spaces are reserved for disabled visitors. All library parking is well lighted. The library assumes no responsibility for vehicles and/or contents.

Clean Up

At the conclusion of your meeting, put litter in the trash container and report any problems that may remain.

We ask your cooperation at the conclusion of your meeting in the following ways:

  • Leave the meeting room as clean and as orderly as possible.
  • Place all trash in receptacles provided by the library.
  • Report any spills immediately to the event coordinator.
  • Leave all dishes and café service items for the café staff to remove.
  • Remove all personal effects, equipment and decorations.
  • Library staff will remove any equipment provided.
  • Special cleaning requirements or damage caused during use of a room or event space will be charged to the user.

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