Checkout Limits

How many items can I check out on my library card and how long can I borrow them?

Item Limit Number
of days
Music CDs 20 21 days
Entertainment DVDs & Blu-rays 20 21 days
Nonfiction DVDs 20 21 days
DVD Express *** 5 7 days
Fiction and nonfiction books * 21 days
Audiobooks on CD * 21 days
Magazines * 7 days
Bestseller Express Books 5 14 days
Playaway Audiobooks * 21 days
Playaway Launchpads 1 21 days
Book Group in a Bag 1 42 Days
Interlibrary Loan 10 varies
Specialty Items varies varies

Remember: Your card belongs to you. Don’t share your card with others

* With your library card you can check out up to 99 items

** Customers with $10 in late fees or charges over 60 days old lose library privileges and their account is blocked

*** DVD Express items can not be put on hold or renewed.

Returning to Book Drops

  • Save time and gas—Return your books, DVDs, music CDs and other library materials to the library’s book drops located throughout Shawnee County.
  • Materials returned to the library’s book drops are back-dated to the last date that book drop was emptied. Most book drops are emptied every day.

When are fees charged?

  • After an item is six months overdue the customer is charged the replacement cost for the item.
  • Replacement fees will be charged for any item which is damaged.

How do I pay fees?

Read How to Pay Fees for more information about fees. For specific questions about your library account, ask Library Staff at the Customer Service Desk or Bookmobile, call 785-580-4424, or use the online Ask a Librarian services.