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Good ideas for learning through play


Fall is finally here and with-it crisp weather, oversized hoodies, and family fun. It is the perfect season for your child and you to explore and discover together. In fact, fall is a great time to make the ordinary extraordinary -make special memories and build new family traditions.

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Our world is full of color. It’s your favorite pair of blue jeans or the leaves turning orange, yellow, and red in the fall. It is commonplace to describe objects by color. Recognizing, learning, and naming colors is an important part of a young child’s development. Learning colors is a developmental milestone.


There is awe and wonder in a child’s eyes when a giraffe is seen for the first (or third) time. A visit to the zoo offers a fun learning experience for your child and for the entire family. It is a true multi-sensory learning experience. Your child will learn what animals look like, smell like, and even the sound the animal makes. A visit to the zoo is a true family-friendly adventure.

Books and Reading

Storytime at the library is a favorite time of the day. The picture book is carefully chosen along with songs, rhymes, and a movement activity. When a parent or caregiver reads to their child at home, they are building the child’s skills – skills that are essential for literacy and success in life. You are your child’s first teacher.

Farm Animals

Young children love farm animals! Playing with a farm set is full of teachable moments. There are the sounds of farm animals and the popular song Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Children can also learn to role play, problem solve and the importance of caring for others while talking about farm animals.

Summertime Adventures

It’s Summer! A time full of fun and adventure. This summer carve out time for your child and you to make the most of the season – splash in the sprinkler, take a bite of a slice of watermelon, or spy a firefly. Incorporate play and learning throughout your day.

Bath Time

Bath time provides young children a wonderful opportunity to explore, discover and learn. Make the most of this time through engaging conversation (introduce new words) and science or pre-math skills (introduce new ideas).


Encourage your child’s discovery and curiosity through gardening.

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