Homework Center

Homework Center Staff

The Oveson-Campbell Homework Center is a place for kids of all ages to get help on their homework assignments by trained professionals.

What is it?
Well, it’s not a place for tutoring. But if you have a school assignment and need help, give us a try! You can bring your stuff to the Homework Center, and one of our helpers will coach you through the work for any subject, any level. They also can help you find information for projects.

Really? Any subject, any level?
Yep. They can help you with basic subtraction all the way to trigonometry; simple sentences on up to thesis statements.

When is it open?
The Homework Center is open at these times:

Monday-Thursday, 4-8 p.m.
Sunday, 2-6 p.m.

Do I need to sign up for a time?
Nope. Just drop by with your homework in hand.

Can I use a computer to look up stuff or write my report?
Yep, the homework center has six computers you can use. And you don’t need a library card in good standing; but you have to be working on homework. Sorry, no Minecraft!

Who are the homework helpers?
Our helpers are trained as teachers and know how to assist students through assignments.

Can I get tutoring?
Sorry, but the library doesn’t offer tutoring. You have to have an assignment or project. But the helpers will coach you through practice worksheets if you’ve gotten those from your teacher.

I usually do my homework at home, but on this assignment I’m totally stuck.
Then come on down. Our helpers are great at getting kids unstuck!

I can’t do homework at home because my little brother is always bugging me!
Then come on down! Even if you don’t need help, you can use the Homework Center as your regular, helpful place to get your homework done every day.

Do you have any ways to look up stuff?
Yep. We have ways to look up stuff on the computer or in books that are always here for you to use. If you have to write a biography or have a history project, we can help!

I brought my homework but forgot my pencil and paper!
Don’t freak out! We have markers, pencils, pens, glue and notebook paper for you to use. But wait, there’s more! We also have stencils, calculators, protractors, rulers, and compasses. You even can print stuff from the computer (like that research project) for free, too.

I have, like, a ton more questions. Can I just call someone?
Sure. Call 785-580-4565, and we’ll answer all your questions.