Every Child Ready to Read

every child ready to readYou are your child’s first teacher. Your home is where your child begins to learn. Help your child get ready to read by providing enriching activities.

Reading is essential to school success

Learning to read starts before children begin kindergarten. Developing pre-reading skills is important to your child’s future success.

 Here are five ways to get your child ready to read:


1. Talking – Having conversations with your child builds vocabulary and helps them understand the world.



2. Singing – Children learn about language through rhythm, rhyme and using words to tell stories through song. Sing silly playtime songs and calming bedtime songs with your little one.



3. Reading – Access our huge collection of board books and picture books to read often to your child. It’s a no-brainer! Reading to your infant, toddler or preschooler is the number one most important activity in growing a reader.



4. Writing – Put a crayon in that little fist, and watch as shaky fine motor skills grow into practicing drawing letters. Drawing and the beginnings of writing teach the brain to communicate language through symbols.



5. Playing – Play helps children think symbolically and helps children express themselves and their thoughts through words.