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NOV 9, 2018 – JAN 6, 2019
This traveling exhibitions showcase World War I overseas military photography from the fronts, behind the lines, and the consequences of the war as well as how it was remembered. This exhibition was created by the National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC, and is traveled by the National Archives Traveling Exhibits Service.
The 4 Elements
JAN 18 – MAR 10
Water, Earth, Wind and Fire: These familiar symbols have been used by many groups throughout time to understand and explain our environment. Explore the work of Diane Guthrie, Connie Ehrlich, Melissa McCormick and Shanna Wagner as they strive to invoke thought, conversation and action related to environmental topics through their work.


Mix It Up!
MAR 22 – MAY 12
Mixed media is an adventure, a true test of imagination and skill as artists combine sometimes drastically different media to create art and meaning. To take mixed media art to its heights, you have to be a bit of an adventurer — a tinkerer — a risk taker.

The Universe: 18th annual art exhibition for children
MAY 25 – AUG 18
Explore and discover the wonders of our universe as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing.

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Chosen Treasures

View staff picks from the library’s art collection including paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics and glass.

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