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The floor is lava The floor is lava floor is lava floor is lava

The Floor is Lava: Art Exhibit for Children

Take on the role of a volcanologist to discover clues, navigate lava flows and explore the library’s very own volcano in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery's Summer Art Exhibit for Children The Floor is Lava! June 1 - Aug 18. This summer is all about adventure so let's leap into this exciting family-friendly exhibit. Beware – at any moment there might be an eruption and the floor might turn to lava!

As a volcanologist, you’ll get hands-on experience with the tools scientists use, play interactive games to learn more about volcanoes and create fun crafts. You'll also discover art that highlights unique aspects of how volcanoes work, and how volcanoes have captured the imagination of artists. 


  • heat suit person one hand upExamine a research station filled with tools volcanologists use in the field
  • Build a volcano map
  • Play an interactive game of The Floor is Lava
  • Use microscopes to examine different kinds of lava rock
  • Explore the inside of a volcano and slide down a lava flow

Create crafts in the gallery's Reed Studio

  • pet rocksPaper plate volcanoes
  • Earth layers in a bottle
  • Pocket gopher puppets
  • Paper and straw tulips
  • Flapping butterflies
  • Pet rocks

Learn about volcanoes from the experts

Volcanologist Talk

volcano erupting Tue, June 11 | 7-8pm | Marvin AB - Volcanologist Dr. Alison Graettinger of UMKC discusses volcanoes and her volcano research projects.

Volcanoes in Kansas

Mon, July 29 | 7-8pm | Marvin AB -  Andy Connolly of the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) will discusses the impact of Kansas' prehistoric volcanoes on the landscape geologists study today.


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Featured Artists

Featured Artists

  • Philomene Bennett
  • Mike Bose
  • Gary K. Clarke
  • Eddie Dominguez
  • Robert Dvorak
  • Johnny Friedlander
  • Jan Gaumnitz
  • Terry Haas
  • Claire B. Jones
  • Jon Kuhn
  • Barbara Kwasniewska
  • Lynden Over
  • Gabor Peterdi
  • Roxane Riva
  • Ruth Faison Shaw
  • Gene Sievers
  • Richard Stauffer 


Floor is Lava Photobooth

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