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Light and Shadow art exhibit

Light and Shadow | Dec 15, 2023 – Feb 11, 2024

In Light and Shadow, you’ll delve into art from the library's collections, along with borrowed works from Kansas artists Ye Wang and Lisa Grossman. Discover how light and the human eye work together to see the world, explore the many dynamics of light through hands-on activities, and examine how artists' interpret light to communicate their unique perception of the world.

Our lives are shaped by our relationship with light– the rising sun in the morning and moonlight in dark nights. The colors we see are light. Our eyes take in and interpret the light around us, making a conversation that shapes our world. As you read this now, you are interacting with the electric light created through your device. The Light and Shadow exhibit explores the relationship between light and shadow, and how they inform our interactions with our environment.

painting of woman in shadows

Clive Fullagar, Figure Study I, 2000, digital print and watercolor, TSCPL Permanent Collection

Artists interpret and manipulate light, creating pieces that emotionally connect them and the viewer. Some artists attempt to capture and recreate light they see in their lives – how clouds change the path of light, how light on a shelf cast shadows. Others' works are transformed by lighting, highlighting the artist’s unique use of texture and line. Artists’ work can be storytelling using elements of light and shadow to evoke emotion or symbolically critique societal issues.

Featured Artists

  • Ye Wang
  • Lisa Grossman
  • Barbara Waterman-Peters
  • Walter Hatke
  • Mark Anschutz
  • Robert Cottingham
  • Leonard Baskin
  • Edw. Balda


Attend any or all of the following events related to the exhibit:

  • Wed, Dec 20, 3-5pm: “Stained Glass” ornaments in Reed Studio ages 8+
  • Sat, Jan. 13, 2-3pm: Artist Lisa Grossman will talk about her work
  • Sat, Jan 27, 2-4pm: “Stained Glass” ornaments in Reed Studio one-off class
  • Sat, Feb 3, 2-3pm: Dr. Karen D. Camarda, professor and chair in the Physic Department at Washburn will discuss the history of Crane Observatory

Weekly Art Projects

Stop in the Gallery's Reed Studio anytime to make and create. You can work on a different project each week.

Reed studio projectDec 15 - 23: Puppets
Dec 26 - 30: Sculptures
Jan 2 - 7: Lanterns
Jan 8 - 15: Tissue Paper Stained Glass
Jan 16 - 22: Shadow Drawings
Jan 23 -28: Puppets
Jan 29 - Feb 4: Sculptures
Feb 5 - 11: Lanterns

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