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Your Connection Gallery

Your Connection to the Arts


The Alice C. Sabatini Gallery is your connection to the arts and curates four main exhibits each year including the Summer Art Exhibit for Children. In addition to the large exhibits, gallery staff curate several exhibits throughout the library each year giving visitors opportunities to explore a wide variety of art and artists.



Current Exhibit

the floor is lava

The Floor is Lava! Art Exhibit for Children
Take on the role of a volcanologist to discover clues, navigate lava flows and explore the library’s very own volcano in The Floor is Lava! June 1 - Aug 18. This summer is all about adventure so let's leap into this exciting family-friendly exhibit. Beware – at any moment there might be an eruption and the floor might turn to lava! This exhibit is made possible in part by The Library Foundation through contributions from the Sabatini Family Foundation.
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Upcoming Exhibits

Through the Lens
Sept 6 – Dec 1, 2024
Travel back in time to learn about photographic processes before the digital age.

Immersed: A Walk Inside Art
Dec 13, 2024 – March 2, 2025
Using innovative technology, explore the world inside pieces from the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery’s collection in this immersive art projection exhibit.


Past Exhibits

Light and Shadow

2024 Light and Shadow

Discover how light ad the human eye work together.


2023 DoPiKa A Land Acknowledgment

Explore art and culture of the Indigenous people and artists.

Unexpected Friends

2023 Unexpected Friends

Art exhibit for kids

Shades of Greatness

2023 Shades of Greatness

Art Inspired by Negro Leagues Baseball


2022 Melting Point

Explore the work of Studio Glass artists who create colorful and intricate work.

forming fiber

2022 Forming Fiber

Sculptural fiber art is one of the most innovative forms of contemporary art.

Oceans of Possibilities

2022 Oceans

Discover how we all impact the world’s oceans.


2022 Resilience

Learn about the internment of Japanese Americans during WW II and its effect on following generations.


2021-2022 BLUE

Explore the depths of the color Blue with the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery! From a light robin's egg blue to the rich “new blue,” you will discover how blue is made and how it's seen. We’ll even try renaming a few shades of blue!

La Comunidad

2021 La Comunidad

Community is bigger than geography or family, it’s about a shared experience – the shared experience of La Comunidad (The Community).


2021 Rainforest Adventure

Summer Kids Exhibit

Forest Bathing

2020 Forest Bathing: A Walk in the Trees

Feel your stress and worries ease, relax as you wander through a variety of forest and tree artworks and see how artists are inspired by nature.

Our Stories

Our Stories

his exhibit celebrates and honors generations of African Americans in Topeka.


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