Your Library . . . at the Bridal Fair!

Winter may have its grip on Kansas, but it will be warm and cozy at the 41st annual 94.5 Country Bridal Fair on January 21st and 22nd. The Bridal Fair will be held at the Ramada Hotel & Convention Center at 420 SE 6th Avenue in Topeka from 10-5 on Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday.

This year the library will have a booth at the fair to highlight our Wedding Neighborhood and the way it can help you plan and carry out the perfect wedding. Our booth will be located in the alcove area, so be sure to make your way there and see what surprises we have in store for you! We will have an interactive area involving food (!), a daily sign up for a free gift, wedding songs to listen to, books to peruse, and librarians to share thoughts and ideas with as you visit the fair.

We really would love to have you stop by and visit with us! Most of the booths at the fair have something to purchase, but everything we have at the Topeka and Shawnee County Library’s booth is free! What a deal! Doesn’t that make you want to stop by and check out the booth? We certainly hope you will.

The library is always adding new books to the neighborhoods, and here are some of the recent purchases that will be making their way to our Wedding Neighborhood shelves very soon.

 Bridal Bible: Inspiration For Planning Your Perfect Wedding by Sharon Naylor

This is a comprehensive, full-color guide to planning your wedding. The Bridal Bible helps the couple navigate their way through the world of invitation designs, ceremony styles, cake flavors, flower bouquets, and much more.  The photo gallery alone with inspire you!

Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings: Designing Your Big Day With Favorite Objects and Family Treasures by Matthew Robbins

Matthew Robbins is one of Martha Stewart’s “go-to” experts who shares insider tips and industry secrets to make your special day even more special.  He helps couples plan a wedding around a special object that is meaningful to them.


A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions For Planning a Beautiful, Affordable & Meaningful Celebration by Meg Keene

This book deals with the myth of tradition, budgets and planning, ceremony and do-it-yourself ideas for your special day.  Practical and creative . . . what more do you need?


Vintage Weddings: One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style by Marnie Fogg

Today’s bride wants a wedding dress that expresses her personal style while also reflecting a rich tradition.  Nothing achieves that goal as gracefully as a vintage or replica wedding gown.  This book has more than 250 phototgraphs which take readers on a dazzling tour of the past hundred years of bridal fashion.


Be the Man: the Man Registry Guide for Grooms by Chris Easter

The book is written by the co-founder of The Man Registry(r), a highly popular site visited by millions of grooms and grooms-to-be each year. Be the Man is an irreverent, yet highly-informative guide that will help grooms get through all of the big decisions and obstacles concerning the Big Day. Along with lots of practical advice, the book features numerous lighthearted stories from the  grooms who came before you . . . and lived to tell about it!


Words For the Wedding: Creative Ideas For Personalizing Your Vows, Toasts, Invitations & More by Wendy Paris

Brides- and grooms-to-be looking for unique, inspiring ways to celebrate their special day will find the best words of love in this practical guide. Romantic and witty, classic and contemporary, multicultural, pop-cultural, and just plain fun . . . if it’s been said about love, it’s in this book.

These books have already been ordered so if you see something on the list that looks interesting to you, go ahead and request it. We will notify you when it comes in and you may have it. That way you will be one of the first ones to read a new book from the Wedding Neighborhood in 2012! 

Happy New Year . . . and don’t forget to come see us at the Bridal Fair!