Wedding Venues Here and Abroad!

One of the biggest decisions to make when planning your big day is, “Where should we have the ceremony and reception?”  Whether you choose a nearby church, the local park, an exotic locale or your own backyard, there are millions of options available.

The United States offers an endless number of exciting wedding destinations with all of its diverse cultural and geographic options.  Couples can enjoy weddings in a lush forest or on a snow-capped mountain, on a sandy beach at the water’s edge or in a cosmopolitan metropolis.  Each state has different marriage license requirements which you can check out on  Be aware that both the bride and groom must register in person in most states.  Travel and tourism for the part of the country you choose can provide ideas for venues, hotels and attractions.  Each region of the country also has its own local associations for wedding-related products and services.  Some national organizations websites are The Association for Wedding Professionals International: and the Association of Bridal Consultants:

One of the many great books we have in the Wedding Neighborhood is Destination Bride: A Complete Guide to Planning Your Wedding Anywhere in the World by Lisa Light.  This book is a complete guide to planning your wedding anywhere in the world.  The author highly recommends that you budget for and make a planning trip if you are putting together a destination wedding.  She offers considerable information on organizing the event, choosing the site, preparing your guests and yourselves, and how to pull it all together with contracts and travel plans. More than half of the book is devoted to locales here in America as well as every other inhabitable continent where your wedding could be held.  This book should be a must-read before making your destination wedding plans.

Another book that will give you some great ideas for destination weddings is “Beyond Vegas: 25 Exotic Wedding and Elopement Destinations Around the Worldby Lisa Tabb and Sam Silverstein.  This couple did the research for this book in a very unique way.  They eloped ten times over the course of a year!  Each elopement allowed them to travel to a destination and discover the many nuggets of wisdom they share in their book.  From Scotland to Antigua, Wyoming to Ontario, Ecuador to Borneo . . . you will  learn the cost and degree of difficulty in getting married in a different locale.  Other helpful information includes the time of year to go, legal requirements, travel insights and additional contact information.  The pictures of the couple as they repeatedly “eloped” are entertaining as well.

The Wedding Neighborhood has books on planning a Disney World or Disney Cruise Line wedding day and/or honeymoon, the 100 best destinations for a United States wedding, The Knot’s guide to destination weddings, and even books on “outdoor weddings in storybook settings.”  Plan to stop by and see what we have available to help you plan for your special event. 

For those interested in more books and DVDs on traveling, you are also invited to visit our Travel Neighborhood in the East Wing of the library.  Here you will discover many wonderful places to go for that perfect wedding, reception or honeymoon.  Maps, personal accounts, and atraction brochures are also waiting on the shelves for you.

Marriages can begin in a hot air balloon floating over your guests or in scuba gear underwater off your favorite island getaway.  But remember: “Too often we are so occupied with the destination, we forget the journey.”   It’s your special time as a couple planning for your future, so enjoy the journey . . . wherever it takes you!