The Library: Your Destination for a Wedding

I’m not sure if we’ve ever had a wedding hosted in this library or not.  But I know we have everything you need to plan a wedding that will long be remembered.

Hi!  My name is Cindy and I’m the new Wedding Neighborhood Specialist at your library.  I’ve worked at the library for over nine years, but just recently joined the Adult Services Department.

While I wouldn’t say that I’m a true “specialist” when it comes to weddings, I have to admit that I’ve recently helped my daughter pull off a wedding that was beautiful while still being affordable and including just what she wanted.  (That’s got to account for something, right?)  And we all had fun and learned something along the way, too!

It’s great to have ideas and plans and dreams, when it comes to a wedding . . . but somehow you have to make it work for a finite cost!  We turned to the library again and again for books on flowers, church decorations, reception favors, and photography.  We copied off guidelines for the costs, timelines starting at 12 months out from the wedding, and pictures to take to the florist.  We used DIY (Do It Yourself) books to shape some ideas into definite creations for the big day.

My daughter’s wedding occurred almost a year and a half ago, before there was even a “neighborhood” in place for weddings here at the library.  All the information we used from the library was scattered throughout several different areas in the non-fiction section.

Today, anything you need in planning your wedding can be found in the Wedding Neighborhood which is located in the west wing of the library next to the Lawn & Garden Neighborhood.  In the Wedding Neighborhood we have gathered together books, wedding CDs, Brides magazines, and even a few DVDs.  Library books cover such topics as a timeline for planning a wedding; bridal showers and the wedding ceremony; wedding dresses, cakes, flowers and photography; proper wedding etiquette and how to survive the special day.

Now, all you need is the Bride and Groom . . . and let’s have a wedding!