Take your proposal from memorable to unforgettable with a proposal planner!

Proposal - sand castleIt takes a whole industry to prepare for a wedding: florists, bakers, photographers, decorators, musicians, planners. The list goes on and on.  Getting to the point of being ready for a wedding means there has first been a proposal.  Hmmm . . . who helps you plan that?

Believe it or not, there are now companies who can help you plan and execute the perfect proposal.  This comes at lofty price, however.  Want a one-of-a-kind idea?  Those start at around $200.  Want someone to plan and carry it out for you?  The average price is about $2,500!

There is a company in southern California that has organized more than 250 proposals since it started.  YES girls was founded by Heather Vaughn.  Their website (www.theyesgirls.com) states, “We plan marriage proposals and special events across the US and abroad! Our team of creative romance experts help personalize your proposal, tie your ideas together, coordinate the details and vendors, and ultimately give you a female’s perspective so you can give your fiancé to-be her dream proposal story!  We are your girlfriend’s best friendProposal - plane with banners!”

So, what kinds of ideas do these proposal companies have in mind? Eight-piece bands and writing your sweetheart’s name in lights.  Customized sand castles and private helicopter rides.  A miniature Eiffel Tower amidst rose petals.  A treasure hunt with gifts at each stop.  A tour of a major league baseball stadium with a proposal in the dugout. A video to post on Facebook and YouTube or show at your engagement party.

For 50 more free ideas to use in planning the perfect proposal, go to http://wedding.theknot.com/getting-engaged/marriage-proposals/articles/50-romantic-ways-to-propose.aspx.  These ideas can be used at home or out in public, through the use of food or technology, involving funny or thoughtful suggestions, no matter what the holiday or season . . . there are plenty of fun and uniqProposal-Underwaterue thoughts to inspire you.

Sounds like creative ways to pop the question and make sure your proposal is one she never forgets.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get busy on those ideas!  Then let us know how you proposed and where.  Enquiring minds want to know!