Pinterest for Planning a Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding and are up to your eyeballs in collecting ideas for the perfect dress, hairstyle, invitations and decorations, then you might already be familiar with Pinterest.  This social bookmarking site allows users to collect and share ideas they like on the Internet.     


Since Pinterest is the place to organize and share online images that you find intersting or inspiring, it’s the perfect place for brides-to-be!  You can replace that bulky three-ring binder with the simplicity and portability of a Pinterest account.  In two years of existence, Pinterest has become a hotbed for the wedding industry.  Pinterest users add images to their virtual bulletin boards — called Pinboards — to assist in planning for the big day.  And some people who aren’t even engaged yet are collecting ideas for their future wedding day. You can also collaborate with those who are helping to plan your wedding by allowing others to Pin ideas on your wedding board.

Pinning an image is easy with one click of a button, a simple drag-and-drop browser extension.  Once an image has been assigned to a board, text can be added.  If the Pin is something you want to purchase, you can include the price in the description and it will attach to the Pin for easy reference.  When you are out and about shopping and find the perfect item, take a picture with your iPhone and add it to your board with the mobile app. (At this time there is no Android support.)  You can also Repin posts from other people.  Most Pins are photos, but you can also Pin videos.

Pinterest is an easy way to make planning a wedding less stressful and more manageable.  Each picture that is Pinned to a board is typically linked to a site where you can buy the styles you want, learn DIY (Do It Yourself) crafting techniques, and become informed about the latest trends and fads.  Friends and other Pinterst followers can also leave comments and feedback, which makes the whole process very interactive and fun!

Sound interesting?  If you want to check out Pinterest you have to be invited.  Friends and family members on Facebook or Twitter who also have a Pinterest account are the ones to ask about this.  You can sign up for invites on the site but be prepared for a wait.  The easiest way is to ask someone to send you an invitation.

Once you have an account, you can choose between 32 different topic areas, browsing everything from fitness to art to science.  To find other Pinners, you can access the Everything drop-down menu and filter Boards by category.  If you find a Board that’s interesting, you can follow its updates. Like Twitter, it’s an open network, so follows don’t require permission.  You can also tweet or share Pins on Facebook to help expand your network on all three services.  Another place to check out is the Popular button which shows what Pins are trending at the moment.  It’s the perfect way to find new content and see what Pinners are sharing your own interests.

Due to its popularity, Pinterest has had a little trouble keeping up with all of the “fixes” and streamlining that are needed.  When the server isn’t overloaded, a simple search can still take a while to load.  It would also be nice to have private boards and to filter certain categories for better Pin discovery.  Still, Pinterest has cracked the current list of top 10 social networks, and its popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

So, if you are on the Internet and find some great ideas for your wedding: Pin it up, get organized and have some fun!  And let us know which ideas you found interesting, okay?