The Fast Five: Five Things to Hire Out for Your Wedding

Weddings are stressful.  The pressure to have a perfect Pinterest wedding is overwhelming. Many brides want their wedding to be unique to them and to the brides that means doing it themselves.  Here’s a list of five things that brides should leave to professionals.  Don’t worry, many of these professionals will help you find the perfect way to express yourself.

1)  The Cake – You might be a seasoned baker and cake decorator, but any number of things could spell disaster.  Find a baker willing to work with your sense of style.

2)  The Dress – Would rather not have an off-the-rack dress? Then hire a seamstress that can make a unique-to-you dress, but don’t take this one on yourself.

3)  The Photography – Let’s face it, you can’t retake your wedding photos.  Hire someone that will capture your day beautifully and let them handle lining up the family.  Do you research and find a photographer that will be as creative as you!

4)  The Food – You don’t need to worry if the meat is fully cooked!  Hire a caterer that will make sure your guests enjoy the food and your day is remembered for its beauty.

5) Your Hair – This is your big day!  Be pampered!  Let a professional create a beautiful hairstyle for you.