Bridal Magazines to Check out and Enjoy

In our collection we have several bridal magazines that are delivered to us on a regular basis.  These magazine are situated within the Wedding Neighborhood which is on the south wall of the wing where our neighborhood collections are located.

The current editions of the bridal magazines are available to read within the library.  Since these are the current edition, like all of our newest magazines, we keep them available in the library so everyone has a chance to see them.  Once a magazine has been replaced with a newer copy, the older magazines are available for checkout.  Magazines may be checked out for seven days and you can return them to the main library, one of the bookmobiles or at any of the return  boxes that are around town.

Bridal magazine are full of wonderful pictures, helpful advice, and lots of ideas and details to make your wedding day a memory that you will cherish for the rest of your life.  Ideas for dresses and accessories, hair and makeup, flowers and decorations, cakes and favors, photography, music, and even honeymoon plans can be found in these bridal magazines.

Brides is a magazine that we receive every month at the library.  Bridal Guide comes out every other month.  Every three months we receive a new  Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.  An annual publication we will receive beginning in October is Modern Wedding Flowers.  Then there is a magazine that we have available that is FREE for you to keep and that is the seveneightfive I DO magazine.  These are located on the lower shelves in the Wedding Neighborhood, so please stop by and help yourself!

Martha Stewart Weddings magazine is a fabulous resource for the DIY bride. This classy magazine is for the bride who wants to add a distinguished and timeless flair to her wedding without breaking the bank.  With Martha Stewart’s hands-on approach to everything, she shows you step-by-step how to make beautiful favors and cakes and decorations  that are relatively simple and turn out looking great! Even the advertisements featured in this magazine — gowns, shoes, accessories, tuxedos and honeymoon destinations — are all very attractive and well done.  They provide wonderful ideas that can be used to begin making your dreams come true.  If designer couture is not in your budget, this magazine will provide some great ideas for imitating the look you want.  (Martha Stewart herself made the hat for her own wedding, something that was unheard of for a rich socialite!)

For a more local “flavor” we offer Topeka’s own seveneightfive i do magazine.  This publication comes out once a year with information about the 94.5 Country Bridal Fair (which will be held on January 26 and 27 next year),  local vendors, ideas for non-stressfull gift giving, honeymoon options, wedding cake alternatives, floral and muscial trends and wedding venues.  Remember to pick up your FREE copy of the i do magazine today in the Wedding Neighborhood of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.

We’re looking forward to seeing YOU when you visit your library to relax in the air-conditioned comfort while you leaf through the latest copies of our bridal magazines!