Autumn weddings

Image result for autumn weddingFall is a wonderful time for a wedding with cool weather and warm colors. Whether your wedding is inside or outside there are a ton of themes and colors for a fall weddings that are beautiful and fun to put together.

The color scheme of your wedding is one of the major decisions, but also one of the simplest. If you’re not sure about what colors to use or you’re stuck on a color that may not compliment the others, have no fear, there are helpful color guides available. If you’re interested in the color of the year head on over to You can find more great ideas on Pinterest as well as sites like TheKnot and Shutterfly.

Wedding themes that embrace autumn include harvest, pumpkins, fall leaves, falling in love, I pick you (apple picking connection) and even back-to-school. Golden is also a popular fall theme.

Music plays a big part in weddings, whether its specially chosen for the ceremony or for the reception. You can checkout lots of music from the library including Perfect Autumn Wedding, along with plenty of other great CDs and books. You can find playlists and ideas here and here, or you can download sheet music for a tiny fee.Image result for autumn wedding

Flowers and decorations are another important consideration. If you want real flowers it’s helpful to know what flowers will be in season during your wedding month. Local florists will give you a rundown of what they have available and what they can get for you as well. If you’re more of DIY wedding planner or just want to have an idea of how you’re flowers can be arranged, try checking out these books about flower arrangements.

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