A Free Wedding Magazine For You

The first volume of “I DO” magazine came out early this year. According to its editor-in-chief Maggie Thompson-Doll, “. . . this magazine is full of great wedding ideas, stories from people on how and why they did their weddings the way that they did, and a list of wedding vendors that you’ll find helpful throughout the planning process.” 

This free magazine comes out once a year and is available in the Wedding Neighborhood of your library here in Topeka.  Inside the magazine you will find a list of vendors to help with the wedding cake and flowers, planning and catering, photographers and transportation, jewelry and venues, photo booths and makeup artists.  Also included are tips and advice on such topics as “Sticking to a budget,” “Bridal trends and fashions,” “Wedding readings and writing your own vows,” “Tips from a photog on destination weddings” and many other helpful nuggets of wedding wisdom. 

Here’s a few tips to pique your interest:

            Today’s bridal showers aren’t just for the bride. The groom can be showered, too. Poker Night, Power Tools, or his favorite sports team make great themes for a Groom Shower. – Megan Bottenberg 

            Another hot trend in 2012 is 2 in 1 dresses: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. – Amber O’Dell

            A wonderful alternative to a wedding cake are cake pops! Cake pops are the hottest thing going in the wedding world right now.  Cake and frosting mixed together and dipped in chocolate…to die for! – Heather McKee

Under the heading “D I Y with a little help from your local public library” (page #22) is a few paragraphs about what we offer here at the library.  “Be inspired by designs for shower and wedding invitations . . .”  “Learn how to talk the talk of a florist . . .”Impress your guests with handmade wedding favors . . .” We really have your back when it comes to planning your wedding!

Since “I DO” magazine is free, you are welcome to take one home and enjoy it at your leisure.  You can read it all atonce,or only read those portions that answer your current wedding questions.  Stories of past couples who blazed the wedding planning trail ahead of you will entertain and encourage you. The beautiful photography in this magazine is also worth viewing again and again.  And once you’ve finished with “I DO”, then pass it on to another bride or groom who will certainly appreciate all of the great information. 

Other magazines we have in the Wedding Neighborhood are “Martha Stewart Weddings”, “Brides”, and “Bridal Guide”.  Back issues of these magazines are available for checkout.  Current issues are in binders and may be read inside of the library.

So, stop by the Wedding Neighborhood at your library to read a magazine and also to pick up your free copy of “I DO” magazine.  And have a great wedding!