Journey to Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful country located in the Caribbean. It is known for its gorgeous beaches, beautiful and unique music, and tasty foods. Here are a few things that you should consider if you ever find yourself in Jamaica.


Usain Bolt Sports are a big part of life in Jamaica. Many people have seen the movie Cool Runnings and Usain Bolt captured the attention of people world-wide with his amazing performances at the Olympics. While one the most popular sports in Jamaica is cricket, including hosting the 2007 Cricket World Cup, they are known world-wide for their excellence in track and field. Other popular sports include boxing, horseback riding, and football (known in America as soccer).

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunns_River_Falls_Photo_D_Ramey_LoganDunn’s River Falls is one of the most popular locations in Jamaica and is found near the city of Ocho Rios. The Jamaican historical Society lists that the Battle of Las Chorreras was fought near the falls in 1657. It takes around an hour to climb the falls, which are 180 feet high and 600 feet long. These tours are often, but not always led by tour guides.


NoelCowardFireflyFirefly Estate is the former home of British playwright Noel Coward, who is also buried on the site and is a National Heritage Site. He purchased the property and renamed it Firefly Hill due to the firefly insects that were found there. At one time the estate was owned by Sir Henry Morgan, a former governor of Jamaica and a known pirate. Following Coward’s death in 1973 at the age of 73, the Firefly Estate was turned into a government sponsored museum.

Bob Marley Museum

56hoperdThe Bob Marley Museum is located in Kingston, Jamaica, and is the former home of reggae musician, Bob Marley. It is also the site of a failed assassination attempt on Marley’s life. It is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Kingston and offers a guided tour through this life.


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