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How many of you have ever seen a drum and bugle corps perform? The intricate movements. The beautiful music. It is an amazing sight to see and hear. One of the most well-known organizations for drum and bugle corps is Drum Corps International (DCI). During the summer all across America, people are flocking to hear the participants of the DCI groups perform.


The corps of DCI are made up of mostly college-aged students with some high schoolers participating as well, with an age limit of 21. DCI was founded in 1972 and the groups that come to perform are divided into three different groups: World Class, Open Class, and International Class. The World Class division is made up of the groups that have been chosen to compete at the highest level. The Open Class division is generally made up of smaller groups or groups that complete at a less competitive level. The International Class division is made up of corps that come from outside of North America.


The member corps of DCI perform all across the country, with performances taking places through early August, including performances here in the midwest. Some of the performances that will be the closest to here are coming up. One July 14th, corps will be performing in both Omaha, Nebraska, as well as Warrensburg, Missouri. For fans of drum and bugle corps in the state of Kansas, there will be a performance in Wichita on July 15th, called Drums Across Kansas.


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