Preschool Storytime: Fall is for Friends

Welcome to preschool storytime with Miss Rhonda.  Today Boomer is excited to share a book called Fall is for Friends by Suzy Spafford.

Kindergarten Readiness Tip

Being able to identify patterns helps children with reading and math when they begin school. You can expand today’s activity with real leaves or simply use items easily found around the house.  Ask your child to fill in the blanks:

  • Spoon — Fork — Spoon — Fork — Spoon –________
  • Red Fruit Loop — Green Fruit Loop — Red Fruit Loop –______.

You get the idea! Once your child is successful with this AB pattern, you can challenge them by changing it up a bit and try an AAB pattern:  2 Spoons — 1 Fork — 2 Spoons — 1 Fork — ________.  Look for patterns in nature, on clothing and everywhere you look!

More Fun


Let’s get up and move. Pretend to be leaves falling down as the The Learning Station folks sing Autumn Leaves are Falling Down.

Why leaves change colors

If you are curious about why leaves turn colors, check out this video to learn more


Fall Painting with corks

Check out this fun fall painting activity from 

Virtual Painting 

For a less messy activity, you can paint these leaves without real paints and brushes. Grab your pretend paint brush and color the leaves in!


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I am an Outreach Preschool Storyteller at the library. I'm usually out and about, visiting preschools and daycares in our community. It's the perfect job for a retired kindergarten teacher! I know what preschoolers need to be ready for school and I love sharing picture books, rhymes and fun music. It's a win for us both!