Stories & Crafts: A Color of His Own

Welcome to Stories and a Craft for preschoolers.  Today Miss Dawn is reading A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni. After the story try making a chameleon of your own.

Make a Chameleon

Making this chameleon will take some adult help but is worth the effort.


  • 2 sheets of green paper (or white paper you color green)
  • drinking straw
  • strip of red paper
  • markers
  • glue stick.


  1. Fold your green sheet of paper in half. Lay the straw along the fold, with 1 inch extending out from the paper on one side of the fold. This is where you will blow through to move the tongue.
  2. Draw a half oval shape on your folded paper. Cut out your half oval, leaving the fold uncut.
  3. Cut a strip of red paper 1 inch wide by 6 inches long. Glue or tape one inch of the red strip folded around the straw.
  4. Lay the straw inside the oval on the fold line. Glue the sides of the oval together.
  5. Cut a 3 inch circle from green paper. Cut the circle into a spiral for the tail. Glue in place.
  6. Cut 4 legs and glue them in place.
  7. Make eyes from white paper and glue one on each side of the body. Add any body marking that you would like.
  8. Roll the tongue around a pencil to curl it. You are ready to play with your chameleon!

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