Picture books are for all of us

Looking for a book for your preschooler? Choose a picture book. Do you want a book for your 6-year-old or 7-year-old? Choose a picture book. There is a notion that picture books are only for young kids. Or that picture books are only for bedtime or Storytime. Many parents say, “my kid has outgrown picture books.” But picture books are for everyone.

A page from The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates & Juniper Bates

Picture books are meant to span a wide range of ages. Even adults benefit from picture books. These amazing books have a lot to offer beyond beautiful illustrations and a condensed text. Picture books are magical. When you open a page of a picture book you are opening a visual storytelling adventure.

In our fast-paced world, publishing companies as well as authors and illustrators have moved picture books in new directions. Picture books include a variety of topics, genres, illustration styles and writing styles. Nonfiction picture books have become common and include biographies and historic events. You’ll also find picture books with superheros, humor and fairy tales. Picture books help children see themselves in a story or a book. They invite the reader to a new world and experiences through diverse characters and unique stories.

A picture book can motivate an emerging reader. It can introduce a love for reading to a reluctant reader. By its very nature, a picture book’s illustrations and text work in tandem to tell a story. They are filled with vibrant illustrations that appeal to children and tell a visual story. And picture books use more complex and sophisticated language than many early readers or early chapter books. Picture books are limited to about 30 pages so the author must ensure their message is clear and concise.

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