Increase Kids’ Flexibility, Balance & Calm

mother and daughter doing yoga togetherAlways good for anyone at any time, yoga can be especially helpful for children in times of stress and uncertainty. Yoga improves strength, coordination, balance and flexibility while developing focus and concentration. (Can you keep your balance while we count eight breaths?) Yoga allows kids to tap into their imagination and creativity. (Can you stretch like a cat? Be tall like a tree?) Breathing and movement like those in yoga promote calmness, reduce stress and help children (and adults) regulate their emotions. Mastering a pose builds self-awareness at the same time it builds confidence and self-esteem. There are so many wonderful benefits that go hand in hand with practicing yoga. Give it a try!

Here are three of my favorite yoga videos, available now on Hoopla, for you and your young yogis to enjoy together.

Yoga Friends (Read A-Long) A Pose by Pose Partner Adventure for Kids

Moving pastel illustrations gently lead children through natural settings filled with charming animals as they explore different yoga poses. In partner yoga, two people support each other in poses that enhance postures and build trust and communication. So find a safe buddy to see how very much better we can be when we work together! Keep watching after the book ends for detailed instruction and bonus poses.

Zoo Zen A Yoga Story for Kids

In this joyful ebook designed for children 2-6 years old, Lyla introduces even very young readers to 10 yoga poses modeled after various zoo animals. Illustrations clearly show how Lyla’s movements echo the animals’ movements or bodies. Poses are easy and the text supports and encourages your little one while practicing numbers 1-10.  If you’re looking for a sweet way to introduce yoga to your child, you can definitely count on this one!

Pizza Party Yoga Class for Kids

This recommendation comes complete with three separate routines and great reviews from library users who have used it with their own children. Each 20 minute practice works with children as young as 2 but appeals to older kids as well.  I have it on good authority you will enjoy it too, which is good because I also hear they will want to do it again and again!

Young or old, there are so many wonderful benefits of a regular yoga practice. Breathe in and let it calm your mind and strengthen your body.  Namaste!

Marlana is a youth services specialist who has worked in the Kids Library for the last 15 years. She enjoys creating and learning with kids of all ages. Her favorite books all have strong heroines, dragons, and magic. When not at the library, you can often find her riding her trusty bicycle, hiking with her dog Lily, playing board games with her family, or reading another great book.