Being Daddy – Remembering the Funny Things They Say and Do

As I’m sure is the case with many kids, my daughter can be a little motor mouth. As I know is the case with many kids, my daughter also says some interesting, curious, and downright cute things as well. Many of them are things she has picked up from my wife and I (pretty much all the cute ones), while there are others we have no idea where she got them from (pretty much all the bad ones). So that we won’t forget these wonderful little phrases she loves to say, we’ve started to write them down as we think of them, or as she happens to say them. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m sure we’ll be glad we did it twenty years from now. Here are some brief samples of her catch phrases:

“I’m so proud of you” – This is especially a favorite when she wakes up, although I have no idea why. She’ll just roll over and say she’s so proud of us. She also says it a lot when I come home from work. I’m betting she thinks this is another way of saying she loves us – at least that’s what I hope.

“I love it” – There’s a lot of love to go around in my daughter’s world. She says she loves things she really does love, but she also tells you she loves things she doesn’t like at all.  Such as certain kinds of food. I’ve told my wife she likes those foods from a distance – looking at them is fine, tasting not so much. I’m also an Iowa Hawkeye fan, and have taught her how to recognize a Tigerhawk, so now whenever she sees one she says “Hawkeye, I love Hawkeye!” I’m a very proud father.

“Deeeelicious!”  – She used to say this quite a bit, but not as much anymore. Every once in a while, however, if she’s really enjoying her food, it’ll come out and it sounds so cute.

“Fanks” – Otherwise known as “Thanks”, but it usually comes out with an f or ph sound. Right now just a cute mistake, as she’s started saying it more with a th, but one we think is adorable.

“It’s not a toy” – The best part of this is that it almost always is a toy. Of course, we’ve said this to her when she’s messing with things she shouldn’t be getting into.  But now she says it to us when we’re down on the floor with her playing with her toys.

“You do?” – This is something she’s started saying recently. If we tell her something she says this with a big uplift in tone on the “do” – like she’s really surprised that you’re telling her that. And it doesn’t really matter if you’re telling her that you have to do something. I could tell her Mommy’s at work and she’ll say it. In context or out, it’s pretty cute.

“So cute” – As with love, there’s a lot of cuteness in my daughter’s world as well. This is almost always in the proper context, but the way she says it is what makes it “so cute”.

“I was really crying!” – This is said as a general update for us after a temper tantrum. Just in case we missed all the screaming and tears that happened 20 seconds ago.

“What are you doing, Honey?” – This is another new one that has recently come out of the blue. Actually she’s started calling my wife and I honey in other contexts as well, but it’s usually when she’s trying to find out what we’re doing. Nothing like having a two year old call you honey. Actually it’s wonderful.

“Maybe later, Not really, Not today, Never Never” – Oh, the many different ways to say no. It’s especially humorous when we say “Let’s change your diaper”, and she says “Not today”. Or “Do you want some orange juice?”, and she says “Never, never”.

What fun things has your baby or toddler said or done? Whatever they are, be sure you keep a record of them, whether through pictures, videos, journaling, scrapbooking, etc. Here are some books in our collection that might give you some ideas on how to keep track.

Scrapbooking Baby’s Cherished Moments: 200 Page Designs by Rebecca Carter

Scrapbook Storytelling: Save Family Stories and Memories with Photos, Journaling, and Your Own Creativity by Joanna Slan

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