Being Daddy – Crisis at the Restaurant

It was a lot of fun when my daughter started eating her pureed fruits and vegetables. Aside from the fact that it was something new to do with her, and it was a break from constantly making and feeding her bottles, it also was fun to see her enjoyment when she ate different foods. It was also nice because it meant that when we sat down to eat, we could feed her at the same time, and therefore, we were all eating together.

This wonderful change of routine backfired on us, however, a few days after she started eating her new food. We had all been out one afternoon, when my wife and I decided that we should grab a bite to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. So we went to the restaurant, sat down, put our daughter in her high chair…when we suddenly realized we hadn’t brought any food for her. Oh, we had a bottle. Because that was what we had been in the habit of bringing with us when we went out on the town with the baby. But no baby food.

So we figured we’d give it a shot and see if maybe she wouldn’t care. Maybe she wouldn’t be hungry yet. Maybe she’d be okay just playing with her toys while we ate.

Think again.

The toys worked fine until our food came. When my wife and I started eating she gave us a very puzzled look. Then she gave us what I call the disgruntled look. This was soon followed by the birdie lip and tears. And then my wife quickly got out the bottle.

The rest of the meal consisted of us trying to give her a bottle with one hand, while trying to eat our own meals with the other, while she was in the high chair. We took turns doing this. What made this even more complicated was the fact that she kept turning her head around the restaurant looking at everyone else, while we were trying to keep the bottle in her mouth. But if we stopped trying to feed her, she looked at us and started getting mad. I guess we deserved that for forgetting to bring her food.

It’s crazy how when you get to another stage of development, there seems to be a whole new list of things to remember and do. At this stage, we learned that jars of food have replaced bottles, and you’d better not forget them if you plan on stopping to eat somewhere.

Needless to say, we haven’t forgotten again.

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  1. Reading here always brings back so many memories! My kids are now 12 and 16 and it is fun to remember when they needed help doing things like learning to eat as opposed to now where they need help remembering not to text at the dinner table. 🙂 Don’t worry she will need you at every age.

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