Adventuremobile – Wriggle on Down to See Worms


With their slimy skin and lack of cuteness it’s easy to understand why these wrigglers below our feet get overlooked. In reality, worms are powerhouses that make the world go round! Worms improve soil conditions for farmers and gardeners and are a major food source for many animals.

Wanna learn more about worms? Stop by the Adventuremobile between July 28 – August 1 and see a variety of worms in person. Learn which worms reach of length of 22 feet and why worms creep to the surface during a rainstorm. Plus, see a working worm composter (vermicomposter) in action!

This is the last week for the Summer Adventuremobile schedule and to stop by and collect your Critter Card prize if you have at least seven stamps for the summer. You can also log your reading time and pick up Summerfest prizes. Check the Adventuremobile schedule to find a stop near you.

Adventuremobile Schedule

*Note: On Thursdays and Fridays the weekly critter may leave the stop at 2:30pm due to schedule constraints.

Michelle Stottlemire

Michelle is a fifth-generation Kansan who has a passion for history, radical home-making and science fiction. When not on one of TSCPL's bookmobiles she can be found educating students at surrounding schools with dynamic programming.