Adventuremobile – Play with Puppies!


Don’t miss this chance to play with some sweet and adorable puppies!

Stop by the Adventuremobile July 21-25 and visit with some cute little characters from the Helping Hands Humane Society. Don’t forget to let the pup sniff your hand before you pet it! At 3 weeks old, puppies are pretty amazing sniffers. The percentage devoted to sniffing smells in a puppy’s brain is actually 40 percent larger than humans — and they can smell things over a 1,000 times better than the average human!

While you’re visiting the Adventuremobile don’t forget to get your Critter Card stamped. You can also log your reading time and pick up Summerfest prizes. Check the Adventuremobile schedule to find a stop near you.

Adventuremobile Schedule

*Note: On Thursdays and Fridays the weekly critter may leave the stop at 2:30pm due to schedule constraints.