What’s “Bin” Happening in the Kids Library

If you visited the Kids Library this past Tuesday, you might have noticed a lot of yellow caution tape and a whole bunch of librarians doing something unusual.  Don’t be alarmed by the caution tape; the big project was to install bin shelving for most of our picture books.  The books are still arranged in their neighborhoods, like Arts & Culture, Being a Kid, and Nature, but now instead of having to read the teeny tiny print on the book spines, you can flip through the front covers to find a book you’ll enjoy.

The process involved lots of people, and lots of noise.  Good thing we weren’t in the Quiet Reading Room!


So, what were the steps to make this transition?

How to install bin shelving in 10 easy steps:

1.  Move about 10,000 picture books onto carts.

Library staff members load books onto carts

2.  Dismantle the old shelves.

Library staff members dismantle shelves

3.  Put together the new shelves.

Dave Perkins assembling shelving

4.  Arrange the new shelving on the floor.

Library staff members assemble bin shelving

5.  Load about 9,000 books into the new bins.

Joyce and Susan but books on the shelves

6.  Rearrange to make more books fit.

Staff members fill bin shelves

7.  Rearrange some more.

LeAnn and Betty Jean moving books

8.  Figure out what to do with the books that won’t fit (until someone checks them out and takes them home).

LeAnn and Marie discussing a problem

9.  Install the sign holders.

Shelves of library books

10.  Place the new signs.

LeAnn installs a new sign above the shelf.

So what are you waiting for?  Come on in and check out as many as you’d like.  (The limit is only 99.)