Why use your library

The October-November 2017 issue of Library News covers lots of reasons to use your library (in person and virtually) including the return of a well-loved program, “Music for a Sunday Afternoon.” This issue talks about the benefits of games, highlights a one-man play that honors veterans, lists some of the many reasons to visit the library building, gives you a spooky peak beneath the library and features library services in Oakland. Our “I didn’t know the library did that!” article highlights genealogy resources (including staff) available to help you find your people. This issue also points out the convenience of Library @ Work, spotlights booklists around the theme “why” and gives you the details on the fall 2Book Topeka reading and events.

Delve into this issue to learn the why, what, how and when of library happenings. Read Library News at home or in digital format below. It arrives in mailboxes throughout Shawnee County September 10.

Don’t get Library News? Send us a note with your name and address if you’d like to snag a regular copy.

Michael Perkins

Multimedia Producer and Visual Artist at the library. Painter of the Kids Library Mural and 3D scapes, Designer of the Learn and Play Bus and AdventureMobile. When not at work you can find me drawing, making stuff out of wood and getting into trouble.