Not Getting the Job You Want? Get a Resumé Makeover at the Library

Words. Resumés are full of them, and job seekers need to make every word count if they are going to stand out in this competitive job market.

At a loss for words? No problem. Our WinWay Resumé program provides a variety of power words that will win over hiring managers.

After meeting with Terry Miller, our Business Librarian, and using the WinWay Resumé software, Gayle, who was applying for a position as a musician at a Northeast Kansas organization, had created a more effective resumé in hardly any time at all.

“My new resumé is definitely more reflective of my skills. By using this template, I was able to really reflect on my skills as a musician and update my
resumé,” Gayle said.

Almost every day, Terry works with customers in search of a job (or a better job).

“For blue collar or white collar, whether you need a little assistance or a resumé makeover, we can help,” Terry Miller, our Business Librarian, said.

And this human resource offers something a simple Google search would never produce.

“I’d Googled different resumé formats, but I thought the library might have a better understanding of what employers are looking for now,” Gayle said. “The library has a career center. Their job is keeping up with the needs of the employers and the skill sets that employers are looking for.”

Terry has worked closely with human resources professionals and hiring managers and provides insight on what they are looking for. Scheduling a one-on-one appointment with Terry was the best thing Gayle did to enhance her resumé, she said.

“She gave me what I needed. She told me how to access the exact part of the (WinWay Resumé) program that I needed and then she let me go, which is what I wanted,” Gayle said.

Terry also helps give customers a new perspective on their career history.

“We had a man come in who had a long list of jobs dating back to the ‘70s. I said ‘you know you have 30 years’ experience and why don’t we put that at the top of your resumé?” Terry said. “I saw the light bulb come on; he had just found a whole new way to market himself to potential employers.”

After an hour or two of working with Terry and using library resources, a job seeker – or even someone established but looking for a career change – will have a better organized, clearer and more effective resumé.

When updating a resumé, Terry strongly suggests integrating keywords from the job description into the cover letter and resumé. “Employers like you to focus on your skills and tell them what you can do for them,” she added.

Every day, people who have been laid off come into the library looking for help. Sometimes they are lacking critical skills to apply for another job: computer literacy and word processing, Terry said.

“We have a great staff of reference librarians and a computer training group who help people develop those valuable skills,” Terry said.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.

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  2. I my name is Merinda ( Marti ) Richards I have been out of work since August this year. I am a senior with good work experience here for 8 months and in Oregon over 10 years. I have reference letters..resume..I even get job interviews…but its during the job interviews I seem to not move foward.

  3. how one get a hold of this person keep hearing about to get a new resume put together be nice see the action go with the words

  4. Hi Alton, I’m sorry if no one has responded to you in a timely manner. Both Alton and Merinda You may email to consult a librarian about your resume. The person who works closest with job seekers is Terry Miller, though any one of our helpful librarians can assist you.

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