News that makes you smarter


(Left to right): Jennifer Bush (Tecumseh North), Katie Flott (Shawnee Heights Elementary School), Penny Gast (Tecumseh South), Leslie Weishaar (Shawnee Heights High School) and Theresa Rottinghaus (Shawnee Heights Middle School)

The newest issue of Library News introduces you to Shawnee Heights librarians who are making sure every child in their district is connected to the public library. It’s got a gift guide for buying your favorite book nerd a gift they’ll treasure. It introduces our new Pop-Up Events, which you’ll want to keep on your radar in 2017. It also features a book bingo that will stretch your reading limits. We’re pretty sure this issue of Library News will make you smarter.

That’s a good reason to take a minute to read this issue online, or watch for it in your mailbox.

Don’t get Library News? You ought to, even if you don’t have a library card. Send us a note with your name and address if you’d like to snag a regular copy.

Leah is a former employee and wrote many stories and articles for the library.