Where’d my Books Move To?

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library staff have reorganized the east and west wings of the library to improve brows-ability.

We’ve made more space for our neighborhoods and better organized our entire adult nonfiction collection. (Of course, it’s going to take a bit of getting used to, but we think you’ll agree it’s an improvement.) Our innovative neighborhood projects need room to grow and also space to creatively display materials found in each topic neighborhood collection. In addition, our nonfiction collections had gotten crowded in some places and too spread out in others. In the past, we’ve made small adjustments here and there, but it was time for a complete re-do of the space.  In the process of moving books, we also moved shelving to lower positions making it easier for you to reach the item you want.

In each wing of the library, we’ve reorganized the collections. Here’s the lowdown:

West Wing:  this is the large, long space that most of our adult nonfiction books and DVDs reside in. Our Health, Cooking, Lawn & Garden, Home, Pets, and Collectibles Neighborhoods are all lined up along the south wall of this wing. The rest of the south side is filled with arts, crafts, music, entertainment, and sports books. In librarian terminology, these books are classified as the “700s.” On the north side of this wing, you’ll find our Jobs & Careers and College & Testing Neighborhoods along with adult nonfiction books with call numbers of 000 to 699. Psychology, religion, sociology, politics, economics, education, foreign languages, science, car repair, and a bunch of other topics can all be found on this side. We’ve also added a row at the very end of the wing showcasing all our really big books (in the library catalog they are called “oversize”).

East Wing:  in this equally large, long space resides our adult fiction collection. It’s also home to the Travel Neighborhood, History (the 900s), Writing and Literature (the 800s), Biographies, and the Spanish Language collection. The biggest change you’ll find here is that we’ve moved Writing and Literature from its old spot in the west wing to a new place here in the east wing. We needed the space in the west wing, and we also wanted room to showcase Writing and Literature in a new way and move it closer to our fiction collection. All of the fiction books remain in the same place.

For those of you who like to find things on your own, there’s signage for every bookcase in each wing indicating what collection and call number you’re heading into. Our library catalog also indicates call number and neighborhood designations. If you see that an item is listed as residing in a Neighborhood, head to that collection first. Within each neighborhood books and DVDs are organized in Dewey decimal order and also have shelf tags to guide you. And of course, library staff is always happy to assist you in locating materials; just ask. Connecting you with the stories you want and the information you need makes our day.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.