Hot off the press! Oct. – Nov. Library News

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Check it out! You’re about to encounter some amazing books, authors, events and even a zombie or two in this most up-to-date issue of Library News.

Here’s more of what you’ll find inside:

  • It’s been a year since the library partnered with Shawnee County Parks and Recreation to bring computers to community centers. Find out the ways kids and grown-ups are getting their hands all over those popular touch-screens.
  • Spooky books, movies and events are getting underway at the library and beyond: Meet a crew of paranormal investigators, dig into some fictional gore or head out to the cathedral for a night of creepy fun.
  • The 11th Month: There’s so much happening in November at your library. Just because the year is coming to a close doesn’t mean we’re slowing down.

Library News is delivered to Topeka & Shawnee County residents who hold library cards. Thanks for reading Library News!

Leah Sewell

Leah is the Communications Editor for the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, which basically means she’s an observer, collector and creator of library stories. She’s a veteran publisher and magazine editor who has brought her passion for all things literary and writerly to library communications. Leah has an MFA in writing from the University of Nebraska, is a published poet and author, a graphic designer, and has a very healthy obsession with books, podcasts, art and from-scratch cooking. She lives in Topeka with her two wily kids and a similarly unruly to-read pile.