Honoring our Veterans 2015, November 9th 2015

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On Monday November 9, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library will host several events to honor Topeka’s veterans.  The highlight of the day will be an evening program focusing on the contributions of local veterans during the Vietnam War era.

At 7 p.m. in Marvin Auditorium, Mr. Roger Aeschliman is presenting a talk titled, “America Won the Vietnam War”.  Mr. Aeschliman’s presentation will change the discussion about the war, and challenge long held assumptions about the Vietnam era.  In a recent interview with Roger, he presents the view—“The war in Vietnam has often been regarded as a political, and military defeat for the United States.  The men who fought there achieved the objectives our leaders pointed us toward.”

He continued with this statement;  “By waging a lengthy war in Vietnam, the USSR was occupied with the task of winning it and the more important countries in Asia, (Thailand, Singapore etc.) were able to erect fundamentally stable capitalist economies which limited the Communist gains.”By waging a lengthy war in Vietnam, the USSR was occupied with the task of winning it, and the more important countries in Asia and Thailand for example were able to build stable economies which limited Communist gains.”

Here’s the full day of events:

  • Beginning at 1:30 p.m. members of Rolling Thunder the local chapter of the Military Preservation Association, presents a display of Military Vehicles and other items of historical importance and interest.

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association

  • At 6 p.m. A display of artifacts from the Vietnam War courtesy of area Vietnam War collectors.  A color guard, provided by the Vietnam War Veterans of America.

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At 7  p.m. in Marvin Auditorium meet a group of local citizens who are Veterans of the Vietnam War. These veterans will be part of a panel discussion moderated by Tad Pritchett from the Combat Air Museum.  Followed by Roger Aeschlimans’  keynote talk, “America Won the Vietnam War.”

America owes so much to the men and woman who have served in our armed forces.  With honor and distinction, generations of servicemen and women have taken up arms to win our independence, preserve our Union, and secure our freedom.  From the Minutemen to our Post-9/11 Generation, these heroes have put their lives on the line so that we might live in a world that is safer, freer, and more just and we owe them a profound debt of gratitude.

It promises to be a sincere and appropriate opportunity to say thank you to all of our communities veterans and active military personnel.  Plan on being there Monday November 9 for this special day.

Dave Coleman works in the library's Red Carpet Services helping seniors get the materials they want at the library and at senior living complexes. Dave is also an avid sports fan.