The Cutest Little Chicks Are Coming To Adventuremobile Next Week.


Visit the Adventuremobile stop near you next week, July 15-19. Meet these little chicks who are the newest in a long line of feathered foul capable of amazing feats. See their downey coats, slender legs and perky beaks. Hear their soft voices. Watch them run, hop and try out new steps.

What will they do? How do they grow (very quickly)? What do they eat? What will they be when they grow up? So many questions so little time.

If you can come one day and return in the next 2 or 3 days you won’t beleive your eyes! These beautiful babies will have grown and started the process that will make them the chickens they all hope to be.

Fluff to feathers. Playing to laying. Small to tall. Well maybe, there is that awkward stage we all go through before finding our wings. Come see them. They may be babes or tweens or teens but they’re always a lot of fun.