Digging Beneath the Surface

Digging Beneath the Surface was one of the teen summer reading programs. It featured archaeology studies of prehistoric people and their cultures. There were several activities where the kids could participate.


Virginia Wulfkuhl from the State Historical Society talked to the teens about all the interesting artifacts that have been found in Kansas, like Indian pottery or arrowheads. One of the on going sites is on Menoken Road and Highway 24. This dig is a former village of the Kansa Indians.


The teens also had the opportunity to make a clay medallions that could be made into a pendant. Colored clay was stamped with dragons, flowers, animals or other interesting shapes and then baked. Of course the teens wanted to make several medallions out of the many colors that were offered.


A modern version of a historical archeology dig is the trash can dig. Dated items were buried in shredded paper in the trash can. The participants had to excavate the items and answer questions about the people who lived during this time. They were having so much fun they wanted to do all the trash can.

The fourth activity was the trivia contest. The idea was to put pieces of a large puzzle together and then name the famous person, place or thing. This was another popular activity the kids wanted to do all of the puzzles.





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