Dec-Jan Library News is here!


Library News web image

By now you should have received the latest issue of Library News in the mail if you’re a current and active cardholder. Congrats! You now hold the keys to the kingdom, the kingdom being all the library has to offer you in the winter months to come.

What’s in this issue:

  • The info you’ll need to attend the city’s largest gathering of royalty.

four princess friends

These princesses are heading out to the Frozen Party Jan. 5 because they were smart and read all about it in Library News!

  • Helpful neighborly advice from the library’s cooking neighborhood on how to make the most out of that old kitchen standby, the crockpot.

crokpot BNW

  • An exclusive preview of the library’s newest addition, the Make-It-Lab, a tech-packed site where customers can make, create, design, compose, record and manipulate (coming soon).


There’s a lot more to be found in our pages about new library collections, services and events. Plus, your reliable guide to all the library events happening in December – January 2014-15. Read the issue below or download a PDF. Happy reading!

Leah is a former employee and wrote many stories and articles for the library.