Changes Coming to OverDrive Ebook Website

nextgen5Heads up! OverDrive, the library’s ebook website, will be improving the week of April 29.

Changes will be made to OverDrive that will alter the look, feel, and experience of checking out ebooks.

This website should be easier to browse, give you the ability to read books through your browser without checking them out, and streamline the ebook checkout process.

Don’t worry, you will lose none of the content you have on hold or currently checked out. Only the look and user interface of the website will change. You will still have access to all the library’s great content.

See a preview video of the website and its new features here:

Some of the key features include:

  • Onextgen6ne-Step Checkout™: Once you’ve logged in with your library card number, it just takes one click to borrow a title.
  • OverDrive Read™: Browser-based technology enables instant access to ebooks, online or offline, with no software or downloading required. All you’ll need is a computer or device with a modern web browser. If the title is available to borrow, you can download the title – as you’ve always been able to – or you can choose to start reading right away in your web browser. If you choose browser-based reading, your progression will sync across devices. For example, if you leave off at page 47 on your computer, you’ll start at page 47 on your iPad®!
  • A new responsive design optimizes the website for mobile and desktop use. So regardless of what device you use, the experience will be the same and where to click will be clear.
  • Powerful discovery tools enable you to find your next book fast with filtered search, personalized title recommendations and more. It’s like online shopping!

Staff are working to learn the ins and outs of the new website and will be able to help you move seamlessly to the new website design. We will have more information as we get closer to launching the new OverDrive website.


Jeff Tate is a former employee and wrote about digital content such as ebooks, databases and other online services.

5 thoughts on “Changes Coming to OverDrive Ebook Website

  1. The frustration I met some time ago is that the books I wanted already had dozens of patrons ahead of me on the hold list . . .

  2. Is their any way to get like a book or dvd you can listen too and see on the INTERNET from the library that has to with certain types of artist that show their work and explain the hidden messages or or interpretations, kinda like the annotated art by Robert Cummings has done ? I’m in college and it is at Emporia and one of my class is about Renaissances early art and we are at 1800,s now. please let me know i like to listen and see as they explain Thank you

  3. I really enjoy checking out eBooks through overdrive and am looking forward to this change.

  4. Some of the books that I would like to download require a connected download (not wireless over my home environment). I hope this will also be resolved. Otherwise, I think the redesign and new process is very user-friendly. Thanks!

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