Behind The Lions


Libraries are where people seek knowledge and growth. They are powerhouses of wisdom. Libraries and lions go hand-in-hand. In a way, library users are lions in that they gain wisdom within each and every book they read. Think of those iconic New York Public Library lions, “Patience” and “Fortitude.”

Now Topeka has some library lions, thanks to a donation from the Topeka Zoo.

Two bronze lion statues now flank either side of the library entrance. Kids, you’re encouraged to climb astride the pair on your way to and from gathering books. Adults, we definitely won’t judge if you find a lion selfie irresistible.

You’ll get a chance to name the library lions on Facebook or in a suggestion box in the Kids Library. So get brainstorming. The library lions are yet another in a long line of reasons to come visit your library.

As a Library Associate, Stephanie works with patrons both on the floor and in the call center in order to better their library experience. Stephanie is currently majoring in Creative Writing at Washburn University. She enjoys reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but her favorite genre is Paranormal Romance. She also hopes to become a successful writer, as well as editor, in the future.