10 Ways To Finish Summer Reading Strong

Kindle FireNatalie Moreland, in our Kids Library, wants you to be a reading champion! Throughout summer, she has shared fun, time-saving, reading tricks and tips with you on tscpl.org. Summer Reading officially ends Aug. 1. Have you wrapped up your summer reading?

Turn in your tracker for your final reading prizes and a chance to take home a Kindle Fire HD.

Whether you participated in Summer Reading or not, this tips can help parents grow a strong reader and become stronger readers themselves.

  1. Let Your Kid Pick
    Children want to read more, and they get better at reading, when reading is fun. From Where’s Waldo to I Spy, we have fun books that build literacy skills.
  2. Think Unconventional!
    We won’t go so far as to say we want you to “trick” your child into reading, but if you go that way we won’t tell 😉
  3. Car Time = Book Time
    Seriously good audiobooks. And if you don’t want to mess with the CD cases, we’ve got some digital download offerings too.
  4. Try Audiobooks!
    Read-aloud storytime just got more fun. Parents, why should you always be the narrator? Check out an audiobook. Ask a librarian to introduce you to Playaways, portable .mp3 books that are perfect for families on the go.
  5. Cheep! Moo! Roar!
    We love animals! Click in for animal books galore! Hop aboard the Adventuremobile through Aug. 1. A new animal to touch and learn about each week. Reading to dogs counts in the summer reading program too. Next READ Dog program is Sunday, July 27.
  6. Never Too Old for Picture Books!
    Let pictures tell the story to work through the summer reading program quickly. We suggest some picture books for older readers and a librarian provides reasons why picture books are considered valuable literature.
  7. Read, then Watch or Watch, then Read
    With so many movies-turned-books to pick from, double up on storytime with a film and a book of the same title. Click in for recommendations for all ages.
  8. Show the Way
    Have a reluctant reader in your family? Model the way. Tell your children how much you’ve read this summer and challenge them to catch up.
  9. Link it to Another Fun Activity
    Go online and complete the Bonus Level Badge Game, 15 virtual badge challenges for all ages. Summer activities at the library are non-stop fun. Come in for entertaining programs. Hey, at least the kids will be at the library.
  10. Sign Up for Summer Reading!
    No, it’s not too late. Do it now. Registration ends July 25.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.