Find business and legal resources in one spot

In a time when it feels like everything has gone digital or virtual, it’s reassuring to know there are still lots of things available in print. This is especially true when you’re looking for a legal form, a guide to creating a cover letter, or a roadmap to starting a small business. The library now has a Business and Legal Resource Center with information and resources on housing, family and general law, job seeking, nonprofit and small business guides, and legal forms in one location.

Locating the Business and Legal Resource Center

The Business and Legal Resource Center is a physical presence in the southwest corner of the library, located in the back corner of the West Wing past the nonfiction shelves. We have almost two dozen different resources to help you when you need help the most. Whether you need a durable power of attorney form or a standard residential rental lease agreement, we have you covered. If you’re seeking a protection from abuse order, job interview help, or the basics of starting a small business or a nonprofit, those are there too.

We update forms on a regular basis whenever the Judicial Council makes changes to Kansas forms.

Printed forms can reduce stress

It might seem like a step backward to make these forms available in person. However, if you’re looking for a legal form, the entire experience can be full of emotions. There are many things to think about and be aware of. It can be stressful to try to find the correct form online. You also want to make sure the form you are choosing is valid and doesn’t cost you to print it.

The library takes care of that stress and worry by having the packets already printed and ready to go. The library is open 78 hours a week. We offer free faxing and scanning, and you can schedule an appointment with a notary if you need one.

Anyone who needs one of the forms is welcome to stop by the library and grab what they need. Forms are also available for Curbside Pickup, just let staff know ahead of time.

We will continue to evaluate what forms and content need to also be on the library website. Stay tuned to see more packets and forms available for download.

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Meredith is the Business and Careers Librarian. Her focus is on helping people become entrepreneurs, find a job or career they enjoy, access legal information and become financially literate, and helping nonprofits with grant research. She is passionate about eliminating barriers to access in all forms through digital equity and equitable access to information. She loves to read mysteries, historical fiction and historical mysteries. When she isn't working she loves to spend time with her family and enjoys learning new things to keep her mind fresh.