All I want for Christmas

I want a dog or cat for Christmas.  How many have you seen this on your child’s wish list? Though I’m one to say every child needs a pet, this is one time of the year I would say wait.  The Holidays can be a very stressful time of year for two legged creatures and adding a four legged baby into the mix could mean disaster for all those involved.  Instead of having a live furry bundle of joy under the tree, try a book, a DVD or a stuffed animal about the creature your child desperately wants with the understanding as the season passes you will obtain the new member of the family. Then as the craziness of the season wanes and the weather starts warming up begin your search for your next edition to your family with your child along.  Stop by our Pet’s Neighborhood for many books and DVD’s to help you choose. Your child will get the experience of helping and learning and you will have the time to properly train the animal. Everyone is involved and you have time to adjust to the new family member.  This means less stress for you, the animal and even your child.  For another great gift idea, contact the Helping Hands Humane Shelter and make a monetary donation in your giftee’s name. The Shelter has many wonderful ways to help. Have a wonderful and happy Christmas.

One thought on “All I want for Christmas

  1. These are great ideas– so far the only things in my 5 year old’s letter to Santa are “real pony” and “real bird” 🙂

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